The Three Biggest Trends In Mobile Apps Right Now


Since smartphones and tablets have become our most popular personal devices, they give us the true reflection of our personal preference and cultural trends.

As part of the mobile app development industry, it is important to capture the up-to-date trends in order to become the game changer in the industry. Below are the top-three popular trends in mobile app development now, based on app data from billions of devices collected by an analytic organization on a monthly basis.

1)   Play Hard:

S3 Corp-Sunrise-Software-Solutions-Corp_mobile-game

Most importantly, we all want to be entertained and linked to the community on mobile. The first quarter of 2014 witnessed 32% of the time user spent on gaming apps, social networking and messaging apps accounted for 28%, entertainment is 8%. We spend more than two-thirds of the time enjoying all the fun from mobile devices.

2)   But work hard, too:


3)     Made in the USA? Not always the case:


Only 36% of the apps were developed in the U.S and software outsourcing vietnam. Developing countries are taking the lead in the Mobile App. Development Industry. Undoubtedly, Mobile is taking over the world. The apps give more experience and benefits to the users so many ways that some social sectors, from retail to health care, have been strongly reformed by vietnam mobile application development.

Source: Business Insider

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