3 Reasons Why You Should Have A Good Project Scope


About 10 years ago, Web Application Development company created the scope, got a design approved, then executed the project. Apart from insignificant modifications, and addition of fresh content, testing and revision were pretty unpopular. Fourteen years later, things have changed significantly.

With the arrival of Web 2.0, and convenient sites users are more powerful than ever, and are able to make changes, sometimes massive, that affect the cost, delivery date, and other aspects of the project. That is why it is of huge importance for Internet Project Managers to have a clear defined scope to bring the success of any website creation project.

1. A good scope makes a good developer. 

As a customer, you should be suspicious of Web Application Development Companies that contract you without providing a detailed scope. That is the warning sign that your developer does not have the needed experience in creating website, or simply lack diligence in preparing for your project. In other words, they haven’t spent enough time and effort on getting your projects ready.

2.  A right scope gives the right cost.

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The scope should contain all the project elements to be completed, timelines for those elements, people in charge of obtaining and paying for the media, images, etc. if the site requires. Both clients and Vietnam Web Application Development company should beware of using unauthorized images from the internet as it is regarded as theft.

In addition, the scope should clearly outline the number of pages to be built and the way they are organized. Other special elements that need creating such as logos, icon, etc. should be well noted. The timeline is crucial as it points out the responsibilities of both parties with checkpoints included.

Finally, from all the details above, the exact cost is provided based following each section or activity.

3. A well-defined scope is the Project manager’s good friend.


As a project manager, a well-defined scope is a great friend. When clients decide to make important and massive changes to the project after all the project details are agreed by both sides, the scope acts as a reference to remind them that all the newly requested changes are “outside the scope” and more time, resources, and cost are needed to finish the project.

This is really important when the project has a hard and fast deadline. Missing the deadline causes loss of business, opportunity, and compensation, refunding from the Web Application Development Company. By having the initial scope with good records of changes authorized and acknowledged by the clients, you can protect yourself from failing to meeting the project requirements.

In the situation of in-house developers building products for in-house clients, by making a sufficient scope, the Project Manager have considered all the aspects and elements of the project in advance to inform the internal client of the expectation, deadline, and responsibilities. This significantly saves time, gives concise roadmap, and avoids project failure.


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