Vietnam Software Outsourcing: 7 Reasons Make You Amaze

Vietnam Software Outsourcing: 7 Reasons Make You Amaze

When thing comes in terms of software outsourcing, many people might think immediately to ‘India’ or ‘china’. Because these countries play a big role in the technology world or software development. However, besides these 2 big countries, we should also mention Vietnam. To assure you of this promise, this article will show 7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Vietnam Software Outsourcing. In so far, with pool of talented engineers, experience with global projects and low-cost labor, Vietnam is becoming top 1 of emerging destinations for software outsourcing and offshoring.


1. Software engineer with well-educated

Vietnam has more than 20 universities and training centers which provide the information technology course. These schools are always on top of high-quality training. Besides that, there also have many foreign universities investing in Vietnam and providing this course like Fulbright University, RMIT University. Moreover, the requirement of self-study and doing research are becoming popular among universities’ teaching methods. Further, with fast-changing technology, there also has many online courses relating to this major. These courses are a great tool for the student to broaden their knowledge and their skills as well. With these conditions, Vietnam is gradually becoming the top country in providing high-quality IT engineers.

2. Communication

Here mean English communication skills. English is one of the compulsory subjects for all students in Vietnam from secondary school or even elementary school. However, the problems for the student in Vietnam are pronunciation and communication. These are gradually solved by many methods of teaching. Many English centers open to students. Many schools and educational institutions are applied to the bilingual program. Besides that, English becomes one of the standards for graduation in universities and colleges. Furthermore, many top companies outsourcing are highly required English and soft-skills from their candidate besides technical skills. Vietnam, therefore, can assure amount of IT engineers who are not only good at technical skill but also English communication and soft-skills, especially for experienced and professional engineers.

3. Technology

With the strong technical skills from school, IT engineers from Vietnam not only improve it day by day through their daily tasks but also use it as fundamental for updating the new technology and programming skills. They are all open to new tech and new challenges. There is nothing new for them like Internet of Thing (IoT), Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Cloud Computer, Big Data, etc. These new techs are gradually studied and began to teach in some universities. And it will continue to be taught in many universities or even training centers in the near future.

4. Population

According to the current population, Vietnam is at the 15th among the top 20 largest countries by population, and at the top 3 of South-Eastern Asia Population. Besides that, the number of people (at the age of 15-35) who are educated, are increasing now with more than 98%. With this number and the number of high-quality education, Vietnam can promise a great number of engineers who can engage in the workforce of information technology in general and IT outsourcing in particular

5. Competitive cost

If comparing the in-house team with offshore or outsourcing services, the outsourcing services will take a lower cost than hiring the in-house team. It is the main reason for outsourcing. No one doubts it. Yet, if comparing Vietnam labor costs with other countries like India, Vietnam’s labor costs cheaper from 30-50%. And of course, compared with some western IT companies, this price will be much lower. This is a short comparing but it can give a significant meaning for choosing the country for outsourcing. Because as a developing country, especially in the technology field, Vietnam can provide high-qualified software developers with a suitable cost.

6. Culture

Since Vietnam joined the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2007, we can see the cultural barrier between western culture and eastern culture is cutting down. Vietnamese people, young and old alike, could do not like foreigners in the past because of the war reason. However, this has changed and foreigners always are welcomed. The fast-changing technology and the internet somehow open the way for Vietnamese, especially young people, to know more about the world. Besides that, the living way is also changed by adapting to the development of science or a healthy lifestyle. That’s why some events relating to exchange culture are held up in some universities. Or the trend of becoming a global citizen is always emerging among the youth. However, this is not going to change Vietnamese’s identity, rather than it can be called a huge step of opening to the world.

7. Destination for investors

According to the Global Services Location Index (GSLI)-released by A.T. Kearney in 2019, Vietnam has ranked the 5th and it moved up one position compared with the last ranking. This is a good sign and it can show us that Vietnam is gradually becoming the top leading in digital transformation, especially in IT outsourcing (ITO) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). Many big companies like Microsoft, IBM, Intel continuously invest in Vietnam. Besides that, the good relationship between Vietnam and Japan shows the big potential of the software industry. Many Vietnam companies are promoting their business in this market. Japan, in return, also uses the services in the line with ITO and BPO from the Vietnam market. This again, with many other factors, is giving Vietnam the opportunity to grow strong in this industry and to provide high-quality IT engineers.

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In sum up, Vietnam has a huge potential for software outsourcing services. It can promise high-quality software developers who dare to face and open with the new techs with well-educated. Besides that, this market can provide you a suitable cost with a great number of software engineers without any barriers such as English communication or culture. As the country that is invested by many big techs company, Vietnam will be a good and attractive destination for anyone who wants to use ITO and BPO services.


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