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These days most businesses are approaching web application development. It has played a significant role in the development of business communication with customers. Such as secure storage of data, retrieve and providing data/information, collaboration with employees.

In another word, if you want to succeed in the online business, you need to build web application development and mobile application development.

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Approaching an application development company that can take care of your business and make it grows more would be a great choice. Yet, the main point here is that how can you find such a team? How can you know that their development team can fit your business? What do you have to pay attention to?

Below here are the 7 check-lists which help you to choose the reliable web application development company for best business outcomes.

1. Define what you need.

“What do you need?” might be the fundamental question for everyone before you do anything. You might get nowhere if you don’t know where you are going to. This will help you identify the place, the route, the vehicle, etc. Here is the same in web app development.

S3 Corp-Define what you need

You must know or at least idealize exactly what you want/need. Some basic questions might be useful in this case:

  • Who are your end-users?
  • What is your segmentation in the market?
  • What is your remarkable feature comparing to your competitors?
  • Who are your customers that you are serving?
  • How can your product/web app solve your customer’s issue?
  • What are the main functions of your web app?
  • How people might get involved in your web application?
  • How much can you spend on your web app development?
  • What is your core business and strategy?

These are some suggestions for you to figure out where you might get or at least where you are and what you are to achieve.

2. Choose the type of development

Here means the location and the model for your consideration. Which location you want to choose? It is onshore, nearshore, or offshore software development. Depending on the location, it will have its advantages and disadvantages such as low-cost, quality of product, cultures, etc.

S3 Corp-Choose type of development

Here are three main models in software development:

  1. You might want to use staff augmentation (hire a software development company to fill the gap in your development team).
  2. You might consider is the dedicated team in which you might get involved in your project from start to finish.
  3. You entrust your project to a software development company and wait for the great result without involving in any stage of the process.

Hence, you might look at your internal resources and choose a suitable one basing on some aspects of your business. Such as budget, development team, long-term or short-term project. The more you clear about your business, the more you know the type you should approach.

3. Choose the resource wisely

Using google for selecting an app development company would be an option. Google might suggest some companies according to your keywords. Yet, if you need more trust and credibility, other references might be the best choice. Reaching out to your friend or someone you might know. They did use web application development services, so they might be a good source for you to filter.

S3COrp_Choose the resource wisely

If you don’t have one to ask, some B2B companies might be a good alternative. Clutch, Upwork, Goodfirms, Designrush are some good companies that list a trust-worthy web app company. They can help you to find the appropriate company faster.

4. Have a closer look

After you have a couple of companies from the resources above, now you should have a closer look at these companies to find the fit one for your business. So, what do you have to check?

S3 Corp-Have a closer look

  • Reputation: This will show you how expert and professional they are. Besides that, go through their website and see what values or vision they are trying to bring to the market. This step will show you their culture, how they work, how strong their team is, etc.
  • Skillset/programming language: Some fundamentals of the programming language might need for a web application such as Java, Python, JavaScript, CSS/HTML, PHP, Ruby, C, C++, SQL.
  • Web development frameworks: Check which frameworks they are using such as Ruby on Rails, Vue.js, Laravel, Ember, Node.js, Angular, etc.
  • Case-study: This will show you how they solve the problem whether those issues are the same or different from you. The main point here is the way they solve the problem. It helps you to illustrate how they might approach and build up your project.

5. The method in the development process

Agile software development methodologies

Agile software development methodologies are becoming the best choice for any development process. This methodology helps the company to create and respond to any changes. The advantages of this method are flexibility, keep costs low, and finish on time, easy to detect errors and make an adjustment accordingly. However, there are some disadvantages that you might encounter on the way. Such as requiring training to understand how this model works, lack of comprehensive documentation.

Another method you might need to pay attention in web development company such as scrum, Lean, Extreme Programming (XP), Crystal, Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM), Feature-Driven Development (FDD). Approaching the right methodologies can save you a lot of money, time, and effort. Hence, check out to see what kind of methodologies that you need and which one those companies are offering.

6. Check-out the documentation

Handling your project to the third-party might bring some risks, especially your data.


Hence, to ensure you might get risk as less as possible, you might need to check some documents that meet the international standards before signing the contract. A reliable web application development company will always provide some reliable legal documents. Such as Client Agreement, Code Warranty, NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), Secure Data Storage, etc.

7. Check-out Their Expertise

After filter out all the above things, the final things-but not the least- is to check their expertise or services. Here are some ideas to help you figure out:

Check out their expertise

  • MVP web software development. MVP is a short word of Minimum Viable Product. MVP web software development will help you to figure out how customers/consumers interact with your site and revise it accordingly. Hence, you want to know more about your consumer’s behavior and updating accordingly, this might be an option.
  • Custom software web development. The company you choose will provide a customized IT solution and build a project that meets your exact product requirements. This service will be a great choice when you want to be innovative in your industry. You will handle your specific requirements and your business needs, the development teams will custom it accordingly. It will ensure the high-quality of the product and the engagement with your target audience.
  • IT consulting. They will provide the IT experts that can give the software development strategy, evaluation of your project, and make recommendations based on your specific business/your needs and goals. Hence, to ensure you can get the best strategy and recommendations from the expert team, you should provide the detail of business goals and strategy, your planning for development, etc. More importantly, if you are looking not only for the developers but also a business partner who can help you boost your business, this service will definitely right for you.
  • IT maintenance. They will provide technical support including hardware, software, network, and code warranty-after your product launching. If you are building up a long-term project, you might need IT maintenance or IT management services. In terms of web application development, the software company will help to provide software, support in technical terms, fix all the bugs that appear during the life-cycle development of your web application.

Here are some services that you might need for your cycle development process. Checking out whether the company provides these services or not.

The bottom line

Choosing a web application development company might be not an easy task. You should spend the amount of time researching and considering, otherwise, you will spend money for nothing. Therefore, you should choose a reliable web application development company, which can provide you a high-quality result in an adequate cost-spend. The above are 7 check-lists that help you to do so.

If you are serious about your business and looking for the leading web application development company in Vietnam, S3Corp. would love to hear and discuss and help your figure out the way for your business. With over 13 years of experience, we have created dozens of successful projects that bring business values to our clients. With the enthusiastic and experienced development team, we do not only help you create a web app but also help you grow your business.

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