4 Ways To Create Richer Web Experiences

1. CSS


CSS is becoming extremely powerful with features like transforms and animation instead of solemnly being the styling language for changing font size and color. We can also get new powerful features from CSS, practically CSS Clip Paths. This tool helps define shapes in CSS that defines the transparent and opaque parts of HTML contents. You can combine these with CSS transition for hiding and revealing UI elements. CSS Masks are also becoming popular in the Web Application Development This tool allows you to use an image to define the transparent content of the image. Thus, transparent design becomes more effective, appealing to visual interest.

2. SVG


Vector Graphics are using in many software outsourcing company. It is a wonderful tools as they retain their crisp edges despite the size.

SVG is the vector format of the Web which can be used to display graphics, manipulate, and animate its properties with CSS. You can combine SVG with scripting to make it more powerful. Try using some JavaScript library to make it easy to manipulate and animate SVG content. This gives your design a rich animated look.

3. 2D Canvas


You can use 2D Canvas as another powerful feature of the web optimized for drawing shapes and images. The JavaScript API is provided to create granular control over the canvas element. You are, thus, free to combine different form of media to produce a rich interactive content. Blend modes are supported in the canvas so that mixing colors is possible. 2D canvas can elaborate with other tools to create video effects and visual effect in real-time.

4. WebGL


For console style games, you can try a low level API for drawing hardware accelerated 2D and 3D graphics, WebGL. The WebGL is an open source library that provides a great entry point for your start.  These great libraries allow you to do amazing work on the Web.

As the Web Application Development company is getting increasingly exciting, there is not better time to become a Web Developer. You can have all the fun creating unique and rich experiences for users from the technologies and resources available.

Source: Web Designer Depot

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