How To Speed Up Your Software Development? Here Are The Tips

No one can deny the great benefits that technology brings to the business. Business and IT integration has created a great revolution and becomes vital for any company in our world today. Reaching out and being a partner with an outsourcing software development company would be a good option for you to boost your business via the advantage of technology.

However, workloads and deadlines might take your project going for a long time. This enhances the increase in rates and many other issues. Below here are some tips that help you work with the development team to the delivery product on time while retaining the high quality of it.

Which Factors Will Influence The Speed Of Software Development?

Quality of code

To provide a high-quality code for the software project, it requires more time for developers to work on it. However, time matters. The deadline might let you / developers down with tons of stress. Many frameworks available now that will assist software developers to write shorter codes in a limit of time, but, to write high-quality codes still a time-consuming process. Whereas deadlines are at hand and there is no way to add more time, the software developer should never compromise the entire code quality they write. This will lately increase the duration of the project, cost-issues, time to debug, fixing the errors. It will be more complicated later on.

Team size

The larger project you have, the more developers you need. Yet, it will be hard to manage a team with more than 10 people. And the most challenging here is communication. How to ensure that every developer knows exactly what your requirement. The communication between you and your team and among them is really important. The solution for managing the large team is to divide them into smaller groups with clear-providing tasks. In a nutshell, team size and communication among them will impact the quality of the project. The duration of the project will be influenced accordingly.

Development process

The development process will not go as smoothly as expected. Both clients and developers will face several challenges in the process. For example, the complexity of the architecture employed, the innovations and third-party integrations, the scope of the objectives, the requirements, structural mismatches, costs issues, clear deadlines, etc. The fewer complexities and technicalities of a project are, the faster the development process is.

Tips speed up software development S3Corp

Tips to speed up your software development process

With the factors influencing development time in mind, here are effective ways that can help you shorten the development process and speed up deployment.

Define your goals clearly

You cant go anywhere if you don’t know where you are going. Before reaching out to the software development company, you should have in mind what you want to achieve. A clear goal will save you tons of time and give the development team an idea of what they have to do when to finish, etc. Otherwise, starting over again by adjusting the goals or rewrite the code or improve the UI/UX just makes you and the development team get bored and tired. The whole effort for the process will be spent for nothing.

Define Clear Development Standards

Besides the clear goals, the roadmap/clear requirements/development standards should come along with it. These will help developers to know how the coding and documentation will be done, how often they will report, the way to review code, the stage of quality assurance, etc. Lacking one of these documentations might bring difficult to track forward progress. Remember that, in the software development process, you might encounter diverse programming styles and formatting. These might bring you frustration if you don’t have clear goals along with the development standards/requirements.

Work with a small team

As mentioned, team size and communication among the team will impact the speed of the development process and the quality of the project. Whether your project is a big project or a small project, working with a small team will always be an idea for better outcomes. If it is a small project, surely you will need a small team. If it is a huge project, dividing into small teams would help you to manage easily. The ideal team is 5-7 members. This will ensure good communication among those who get involves in the project-including the clients. Beyond, working with small teams will bring amazing results and lets the development team accomplish their goals/tasks much faster.

Expand development team

Even though working with small teams will be helpful for managing, sometimes your industries/business fields or your massive scope don’t allow you to do that. You might need to add up more resources to the project.

If your project is covering vast scope, the idea is to expand your development team by staff augmentation services or software outsourcing services. The expanding team will help your massive tasks to be handled by multiple developers, thus you can achieve your goals in a shorter time. This can be particularly useful for projects with a vast scope.

Work with small components

Working with small teams will be an easy way to manage. It’s also applicable to the components. The more you break down the massive tasks into smaller chunks and manageable components, the more you speed up in the development process. The various components can then be developed independently with small teams. Each team will work into these small components to achieve the milestones and schedules. Once it completes, it can be integrated for one fully complete product.

The Agile methodology can help you figure out this point. It will combine many small components/micro-services and small teams of the project to provide the highly productive teams and high-quality product. However, before breaking down and handling the tasks, you should define the overall product and make sure that these tasks will stay close to the goals and objectives.

Continuous integration

This continuous integration will continuously run tests and deployments even before your software product fully completes. Meaning to say you can test and deploy the code/development process which is completed while other parts of it still being under development. Once it completes, it can be integrated into other parts as a fully complete project. This method will help the code gets updated. Beyond, it can tighten the cycle from changes to deployment, and ensures all team members are being really productive and staying close to the tests and verification.

Applying Agile Processes With Customizations

The agile methodology will entail constantly planning, testing, and integration. The concept of “continuous integration” is built base on the concept of continuous development, integration, testing, and deployment. The remarkable of agile methodology is that it allows you to deliver business value after the first sprint without the need to wait for completion. It will give the adaptability to every sprint in the development process if there are any priorities changes. Beyond this, this can help developers to reduce risks such as design mistakes or the risk of the last integration cycle in the software development process. And for the customers and sales, it can continuously visualize the process, hence, they can know where they are.

Workflow automation

Workflow automation will help you easy to manage the team. It also can help with better communication between you and your team and among your team. Some aspects seem to be not a big deal. But if you ignore it, it tends to be stack up and things become more complex one day. Some aspects such as automated task management, workflow discussions, and project meetings. These are minor things but it can help to save tons of time if it automates repetitive tasks-and improve team coordination throughout the project.


There are multiple ways to speed up software development. However, speeding up should not compromise or sacrifice the quality of your software product. The article has shown actionable tips on how to speed up software development and how to optimize overall workflow in the software development process.

Your goal and your strategy should be specific and be clear from the beginning. Choosing the right software development partner is also part of that. Custom software development Vietnam highly experienced technical aspects from various projects. And from the experience, they know exactly how to speed up software development without sacrificing your product quality.

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