5 Reasons Your Website Aren’t Converting Visitors Into Customers

So you have decided to enter the web application development and put your business on the internet. Great, you have opened the door to online shoppers. However, there are many reasons why your business website doesn’t live up to your sales expectation.  The web application development team at S3 corp – software outsourcing Vietnam. has come up with these 5 common reasons why the fish did not bite, also known as 5 mistakes why your website does not attract as many customers as you want.

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1. Too much information scares your users.

Remember how your English teachers keep repeating the K.I.S.S rule: Keep It Short and Simple. It means keeping your content and product description short and focused. Place the most important information where it can be easily seen with strong, clear and clickable CTA (call to action) Buttons.

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2. Users cannot find the shopping cart.

It happened to me so many times. I spent half an hour carefully selecting my every item when I found out at last that could not find a way to check out. If users cannot navigate and find the shopping cart, you are losing a large amount of sales. Look at the website from an online shopper’s point of view and make your site as user-friendly as possible. Give it a clean layout, make quick fix, and ensure the shopping cart is visible to clients all the time at all pages. The Vietnam web application development team at S3 Corp. always prioritizes conversion in mind and guarantees a prompt and satisfactory shopping experience for your clients.

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3. Did you forget the power of testimonials?

It is not easy to make potential customers feel comfortable enough to purchase from your site. The key here is user testimonials for the sake of trust and reliability. Include a testimonial or comment section in your site and follow up with the content regularly. Allowing your users to speak their minds proves your confidence in the services and products you are providing. A positive comment from a satisfied customer gains you a new client.

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4. Your contact info is not detailed enough.

Looking at any successful online store of all size, you will find that they share something in common: a visible phone number. You can simply make your phone number fixed at a certain place at all pages on the site. This gives your customers a feeling that they can get support from your store anytime they have a question or need any support. Other contact info is essential such as address, email, etc. Another suggestion is  using an interactive contact form to support your customers digitally and directly.

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5. Your unique selling point is not highlighted.

There are so many online stores selling products that your website may look like some of them. What makes you stand out from the competitors? You need a unique selling point to show your customers your products are better than the rest. What are your strength? Is it friendly customer service, free delivery, or original design, etc.? Making your assets known is likely to convinced a potential customer to a loyal one.

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Source: Wix Blog

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