6 Things A Great UX/UI Designer Has

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Having worked with hundreds of designers in many web application development and mobile application development projects, I have found some essential traits that made them masters of their work.

1. Organization

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Being well-organized is really important for the best UX/UI. This makes a big difference when it comes to complex design projects.

The best designers:
- Define logical groups of layers and their names in Photoshop files
- Create a well-defined grid first thing before starting the design
- Understand the importance of an organised file folder structure
- Stay consistent with paddings and margins
- Plan for image sizes and module sizes to save development time

2. Patience

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Good designers are disciplined to follow the right steps
The best designers:
-  Work out detailed diagrams on user journey to really comprehend how people use the system
-  Spend time working on wireframes that presents the functions and contents
- Really understand the importance of these deliverables and are willing to educate people

3. Wide knowledge

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The best designers understand business needs and models and not afraid to use technology, such as coding, working on back-end, or front- end, to bring out the best of their work.
The best designers:
- Take time to really understand the business needs of the projects they are working with/at
- Are experienced in combining a business model canvas
- Are able take the lead of the creation of a business model canvas
- Know when to get things done quickly, but also understand how to start ‘the next iteration’
- Know that the websites and applications are in the developing stage and there is no need to get the best out of the very first iteration
- Understand the technology that empowers their designs

4. Empathy

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Exceptional designers show great care for people who will use and interact with the design and are willing to support the needs.
The best designers:
- Understand deeply with the users’ experience of the site
- Show empathy with developers and content producers alike
- Understand quickly when their idea is not the best solutions and are willing to let go
- Understand the needs of others, but are also able to consult if those needs are not aligned with the best possible outcome
- Know when it is worth to fight the battle

5. Creativity

S3 Corp-Sunrise-Software-Solutions-Corp_a-great-designer_creativity

Creativity is not only essential in coming up with new ideas at interface level, but also about bringing solutions to problems at any level.
The best designers:
- Quickly understand the level  of ideas needed and will bring out creative solutions at all level
- Are able to re-invent their design in any directions
- Value other people’s designs and are able to learn from it

6. Good consultants

S3 Corp-Sunrise-Software-Solutions-Corp_a-great-designer_Consultancy

Outstanding designers are often able to be good consultant at selling their design.
The best designers:
- Understand why the design was made that way and never stop asking themselves “why am I doing this?”
- Can convince people when it is the right way to do things
- Have great presentation skills
- Are open to challenge the most powerful person in the room

Whether you are a software development vietnam company, you are looking to hire a designer or you are a designer assessing how you can improve in the web application development and Vietnam mobile application development areas, the above traits should definitely be on your priority list.

Source: LinkedIn Pulse

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