4 Mistakes You’re Making With Your Application – And 4 Solutions

Marketing your product is hard, but did you ever think of mistakes you could have avoided at the earlier stages?

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You might not be thinking your online program is the most vital part of your business, but it’s definitely something that can make you or break you. Your app is a place to attract, engage, and hopefully convert prospective consumers. If you’re doing it right, that is.

It’s important that your program is clean of any errors, but oftentimes it’s difficult to see what mistakes we’re making until someone else points it out to us. Mobile application development is a costly and time-consuming process. That’s why we’re here to help you prevent these errors to make your time and effort worth it. Here are the most common mistakes people are making with their apps today and how to prevent them.

You Have Too Much Going On

If your application was a face-to-face meeting with your customer you would have time to describe in detail how your product works and where it comes from. On the web however, you have about three seconds to get your point across (and this time is decreasing as our attention spans keep getting shorter). Moreover, users on your application couldn’t be bothered with the fine details and would rather be shown directly the key facts right away.

Make it Right: Keep your descriptions simple. Try and condense your value proposition down to one sentence with your motives very clear and concise. Stick to layman’s terms which are very non-complex and easy for everyone to digest. Prioritize the information you include on your page make sure all of the vital information is there, you’d be surprised how many companies forget to include a contact number.

You didn’t write your Unit Test first

Unit tests prove that the code for your application is actually working. Writing the test first forces you to think about your design and what you want it to accomplish, this keeps you focused and creates better design. Additionally, if a bug is found through the unit testing, the sooner they’re detected the easier and less expensive they are to fix. There are a lot of obvious advantages to unit testing before coding, which Viet Nam software outsourcing & Vietnam software services are doing!

Make it right: The reason a lot of programmers will first skip this step is because of the time consumption. However, if you want to take amongst yourself to make sure you have no bugs in your site there are options to do an automated unit test yourself. Typemock, for example, offers an easy unit testing solution to find your bugs and save you time.

You Lack the appropriate balance between design and message

An aesthetically pleasing design is very important of course, you don’t want customers to leave your page right away. However, it’s important to keep in mind the design is not everything. At the end of the day the message you want to get across is not how visually appealing your app is, but your business objective. You don’t want your attractive page to distract too much from your marketing message, the reason you’ve brought people to your app in the first place.

Make it right: Keep your design attractive and appealing, yet simple. Make sure your content is the main attraction.

You’re not meeting the needs of early-stage buyers

A vast majority of visitors to your program aren’t there to initially sign up for your product or call your sales team. Your application is part of a process and can be used as a great sales tool. It takes time to build a trusting relationship with your potential customers; you can’t expect them to just hop on board right away. If your content on the page is solely about your product it can be intimidating to the customer and seem like too much of a sales pitch.

Make it right: Work with the content on your website to make it identify better with the needs of your customers. Make your content about the buyer instead of about your product write about specific situations your potential buyer might find themselves in. Adding a blog to your page can also be a really successful addition.

Have you made any of these mistakes on your application? What other mistakes have you made? What are you trying to do to make them right?


Source: INC

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