7 Simple Social Media Moves That Work

Before he started out to dole out social-media advice for marketers like you at Inc.’s current GrowCo conference in New Orleans, Dave Kerpen, chairman of Likeable Media and now founding father of offshoot Likeable Local, had a few matters he wanted to get out of the manner.

Likeable founder Dave Kerpen individually responds to hundreds of Tweets, emails, and messages each day. Crazy, or genius?

First, he said, social media is not unfastened. Second, it might not carry you immediate effects. And, 1/3, it can not make up for a awful products or services.

7 Simple Social Media Moves That Work S3Corp

If you could cope with all that, you are ready to learn the way–and why–Kerpen nevertheless recommends you get worried:

1. Listen, Then Talk

A couple of years in the past, whilst Kerpen went to Vegas, the take a look at-in line at the Aria inn in which he become staying “took all the time,” he said.

So Kerpen did what he does exceptional–took to Twitter, and speedy posted: Waiting on line for 45 mins at the Aria. Not worth it. #fail

Did he pay attention some thing from the Aria? No. But he did hear from the Rio, a motel down the road. Within two mins, the Rio Tweeted lower back to Kerpen: Sorry you’re having a terrible enjoy, Dave. Hope the rest of some time in Vegas is going nicely.

Kerpen didn’t switch lodges on that trip, however where do you think he stayed the following time he went to Vegas? The Rio. And he “appreciated” the Rio on Facebook. And sometime later, a pal going to Vegas saw that Kerpen had “favored” the Rio, so requested if Kerpen would suggest the lodge. His response? “I do not assume it’s the fanciest, however I understand that they listen,” Kerpen remembers telling that Facebook friend.

Kerpen pointed out that every one the Rio did was take note of Twitter, and respond with empathy.

Kerpen recommends you do the identical component, regardless of the enterprise you’re in. “If you’re an accountant, visit Twitter and search ‘want an accountant’,” he stated. “Your customers are requesting you.”

2. Respond (to Everyone!)

Kerpen stated 60 percent of brands–in the main huge ones–currently do no longer answer clients or prospects on Twitter, Facebook, or other social media. As a end result “you have got a huge aggressive gain in case you reply for your customers–and theirs,” he stated. (Case in point: the Rio resort in Vegas.)

If a purchaser complains, do not delete. Instead, you have an possibility to respond publicly that you’re working to solve the problem, and will send a personal message to the individual so it is able to be fixed.

“We all recognise that corporations are going to make mistakes,” said Kerpen. “The trouble isn’t while organizations make mistakes, it’s when groups do not say, ‘I’m sorry.’”

Instead, if you delete a complaint, you are sending a message that the person who wrote it does not rely, and you are, in essence, “inviting him to head tell a person else, to start a petition,” warned Kerpen.

The most effective forms of posts you have to bear in mind deleting? Those which are obscene, or bigoted.

When you respond, do it in your brand voice, whatever this is: serious, humorous, complete of puns, clinical, some thing. As lengthy as it’s authentic to the logo.

Three. Tell, Don’t Sell

Social media is most effective while you operate it to inform personal stories, now not to promote your products, Kerpen stated.

Kerpen likes to tell the tale of the way, whilst he and his then fiancé could not afford a lavish wedding, they raised $one hundred,000 from sponsors and were given married at Brooklyn Cyclones park. That private story, he says, helped propel Likeable right into a $7 million business.

Didn’t get married at Shea? Consider your humble beginnings, your private management characteristics, customers who have conquer limitations, employee challenges, network or charity partnerships. Look at your employees, merchandise, or customers, and identify a tale people will want to speak about, and disseminate it across social media.

If yours is a commercial enterprise-to-business agency, tell a story on social media the use of webinars, e-books, and white papers.

“The simplest thing better than telling your tale on social media is to encourage your customers to tell your tale,” stated Kerpen.

4. Just Be You

On this, Kerpen quoted Oprah Winfrey, who said: “I had no concept that being your true self could make me as rich as I’ve grow to be. If I had I’d have accomplished it plenty earlier.”

As Kerpen puts it: “When I am proper, after I am inclined, when I am me, customers want to do commercial enterprise with me.”

Who does a number of this on Twitter, consistent with Kerpen? Foursquare founder Dennis Crowley, who has even published about where he lives.

5. Advertise (Better)

Social media is not just sensitive-feely, stated Kerpen. It can force leads, and sales.

On Facebook, as opposed to simply get your ad in front of large a swath of people, you can goal the proper human beings–based totally on job identify, interest, age, place. “Every single piece of statistics that Facebook’s were given on humans you can target based on that,” Kerpen stated. “What’s cooler than attaining a thousand million people on Facebook? Reaching the proper 1,000, the proper 100, the right 10, or the right one.”

Another perk of advertising on Facebook? Word-of-mouth endorsements. You can goal commercials towards simply the pals of human beings who have “liked” your brand on Facebook, and whilst those people see your ad, they may see listed the names in their pals who like your logo, too.

6. Give Stuff Away

If you’re taking 10 percent off, you are advertising, 50 percent off, you’re freely giving fee, 100 percent off, you have dependable clients for life, Kerpen quipped.

Give away true content, webinars, articles, and white papers. “I’ve had two people come up to me and say, ‘Thank you for all that precious records you gave away, I’m starting my very own social media company,’ but I additionally got dozens and dozens of inbound leads because of all of the value we placed obtainable,” said Kerpen.

Recently, a new patron advised Kerpen she had $250,000 to spend on social media advertising she’d circulate to Likeable due to all of the free, but useful facts the agency has made to be had.

7. Be Grateful

In your social media posts, often thank your clients, and partners.

According to the non-earnings company DonorsChoose.Org, Kerpen said, of these folks who obtained a thanks be aware, 38 percent have been more likely to donate once more.

He writes three thanks notes each day.

“It puts me in a excellent temper every unmarried time,” he said.

Source: INC

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