Six Advanced Marketing Strategies for your Mobile Application Success

There is a cutting-edge competition with continuously growing Mobile applications in the online marketplace for every business and technology categories. To create a mobile app which justifies cost and market acceptability is not an easy task to execute. To successfully achieve this, you require a very powerful marketing and digital strategy.

Sometimes companies use up all of their funds in application development rather than keeping sufficient budget for its marketing. This appears completely one-sided; the fact is even the best-of-breed mobile applications isn’t adequate enough to thrive in the gigantic app market without promotional firepower. So it is key to strike balance between technology and digital marketing activities to safeguard your mobile application’s sustainability.

Here are Six Advanced Strategies for your Mobile Application Success:

1. Release Early for Growing your User Base

Get the first version out in the marketplace and then on the basis of the feedback form the market, you could improve it. Releasing early doesn’t mean you are launching a mobile app that contains bugs. No one likes bug however users don’t mind a basic version, given there is a complete solution in the pipeline to be released soon.  A lot of companies fail as they are sluggish in releasing their work at the right time.

However, sometimes when you launch and promote something popular, big or innovative, you don’t know your users completely. By releasing your mobile application early in the market, you get to know your users through their first hand inputs.  So it’s always better to release a mobile application that might be raw but fulfills a basic requirement.  The best reason behind releasing it early is that it makes you ready to face the problems that early. When you work and exert yourself to a solution that isn’t put forward in front of its audience, problems will always remain. The way this helps is it establishes a lot of firmness to correct the problems as you would want to release your mobile application as a solution in the marketplace.

2. Consider your mobile application as a Landing Page

You actually have just four or five seconds to get your mobile application downloaded in this huge marketplace having thousands of mobile applications with similar features. So you need to consider it as a landing page to ensure users download it.

So how would you build a mobile application page that can catch on your users’ attention.

First of all, you need to describe the mobile application as best and as short as possible.

After that, showcase your mobile application screenshots. App developers think screenshots are just their app’s screens however that is completely incorrect. A screenshot is a comprehensive artwork where you can display how your mobile application works.

3. Market your mobile application with videos and visuals

Video is an effective tool for showcasing your mobile applications. Promote your mobile application with a lively online video and present your app’s workflow in the best way possible. With free tools available online, you can create an attractive video without having to spend on it.

For promotions, build your visual marketing materials which would include well created artworks, logos, screenshots and eye catching online videos. Link your marketing with your social media profiles to get more visibility. Be creative with the content and graphics to make your brand recognizable. Include access to a media kit, where you store all your visuals. Ensure that more and more people are compelled   to give your app a positive review.

4. Enhance your Mobile application for the App Store

As we all optimize our websites for the search engines, you also need to enhance your mobile applications with the correct keywords, specific titles with well written descriptions so that users can effortlessly find you.

As per Google Play, 12% of the active users search apps daily. Amongst 50% of these users look for mobile applications once every week. And monthly, Google Play goes through 6 million exclusive search phrases. If you go with the statistics, you need your app to be well optimized.

5. Creating Social Word of Mouth 

Social networking supported by W-O-M is one of the best ways to raise the number of users. With social sharing, users can boast about what they have instantly achieved using your mobile application, which can be leveling up in a game app or recording the distance milestones in a race app.

6. Encourage Bloggers & Influencers

You need blogs and positive reviews of your mobile application before you launch it. So you need to keep your content strategy ready way before the mobile application gets released. You need to keep the bloggers and influencers informed so that they can accommodate your promotional activities as per their schedule.

Creating innovative strategies for your mobile application and executing it is just as important as developing it. By converging marketing strategies with your mobile application development, you can build an application that not only turns the heads of your users but it also contributes to the success of your app.

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